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Service times, directions, and what to expect when you visit Winnsboro Church of Christ.

You Are Welcome Here

We know, church can be a little strange if you aren't used to it. Don't let that stop you. When we gather together, we believe Jesus is right there with us and we would love to have you join us, too. Not sure if you will fit in? Worried you will embarrass yourself or be out of place? It's ok. We were in that same place once, too. Jesus did not come for the found, but for the lost. He tells us to come to him, lay our burdens down, and experience abundant life in him. That invitation was extended to us and it is extended to you.


Our Weekly Schedule of our Church-Wide Gatherings

SUNDAY Bible Classes | 9:30 AM

SUNDAY Worship | 10:30 AM

SUNDAY Evening Gathering | 5:30 PM*

WEDNESDAY Evening Bible Classes | 6:30 PM (Midweek Meal @ 5:45)

*The first Sunday of the month, we have a potluck lunch, then have a brief worship immediately following and no 5:30pm worship.

*The third Sunday of the month, we meet at a local nursing home at 4:00pm to sing and worship instead of our 5:30pm time.


What Can I Expect?

How long is a Winnsboro Church of Christ worship service?

About 60-90 minutes. We don't ever want to rush or cut our time short, but we also know that attention spans are sometimes short and children get restless. We want worship to be a blessing, not a burden. For certain events and situations, we might go longer, but usually, we want to be in the ballpark of an hour to an hour and a half.

What happens during the worship service?

Services begin with congregational singing - the lyrics are projected onto the screen so everyone can sing along. Throughout the service we engage in prayer and read scripture.

Each week we join in communion with our Savior and with each other. It is a humble meal of just a small piece of bread and a small cup of grape juice, but for us, it is the nourishing grace of the body and blood of Jesus given to us for eternal life.

After Communion, there is an opportunity to give to the work and functions of this church body, and then our minister will get up to share a message from the Bible. At the close, one of our Shepherds will get up for some closing thoughts and a prayer, then right before we leave, we affirm to each other:

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Risen

Jesus is Coming

What is expected of me?

You are invited to engage with the worship service to whatever extent you feel led. Please do not feel pressured to take part. Not everyone sings, not everyone gets out their Bible to follow along, and not everyone gives. All we ask is that you open your heart to God and let him do his work. If you do this, everything else will fall into place in its own time and way.

What about my kids?

We believe kids are a vital part of our church family. When kids are present, sometimes it's noisy, sometimes it's messy, and sometimes they act up and misbehave, but we would not want them anywhere else. In the middle of worship, we have had kids throw fits and scream their heads off or get up and run down the aisles or throw their pacifier or toy three pews ahead. Its ok. Most of the people at church were parents of small children before, too. We understand. You are the parent and we will let you handle it in the way you deem appropriate. We will simply encourage you to keep coming and trying. We know it can feel awkward or embarrassing, but know you are among family. Keep bringing your kids to church, even if it isn't easy. You are investing in their eternal future.

We have many kid-friendly parts of our church including a "Kids Time" at the beginning of every sermon, age appropriate Bible Classes, and special events throughout the year such as our Kids Camp. A nursery is also available every Sunday morning for infants.

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